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Jodha Akbar: 7th July; Akbar Declares War Against Maha Chuchak And Nigaar (Pics)

Jodha Akbar 7th July written episode: Todarmal and Atgah inform Hamida that Begum Maha Chuchak has organized the attack against Agra. They are worried because it would be double shock for Jalal, after the rebellion of his sister Nigar.

Hamida calls an urgent meeting at Dewan-E-Khas. She gives the news to Jalal and inspires him to get prepared for counterattack. Hamida tells Jalal that Maha Chuchak is no more his mother, but a rebel and if he does not punish a rebel, the people of Agra will think that their King is not able to protect his state.

Akbar stands up and declares war against Maha Chuchak and her allies!

Nigar and Abul Mali come back to Kabul. Akbar and others are worried about Mirza's mental condition. But he becomes strong and joins Akbar in the war planning. He argues that Maha Chuchak can be his mother, but she is a rebel to the Mughal Empire; so, it is his responsibility to fight against her, says Mirza!

Adam is upset to think that now he has to fight for Jalal, whom he has hated forever! If he dies in the war, there would be no benefit of making so many plans. Maham assures Adam that some soldiers will be kept in the palace to protect the Harem. She will manage to place Adam in that troop, thinks Maham.

During the war plan, Atgah tells Akbar that number of soldiers in the Mughal troop is lesser compared to the troop of the attackers. So, no soldier can be left in the palace.

Akbar thinks that in the absence of soldiers, Harem will be unprotected, as Nigar has studied the whole map of the palace. He decides to take the ladies with them. Akbar declares his decision that the Harem will go to the venue of war.

Akbar instructs the ladies to pack their luggage as soon as possible. He instructs Maham to look after the matter. Maham becomes upset as her plan fails. Jodha worships for Akbar, during his preparation for the war.

Jodha Akbar: 7th July; Akbar Declares War Against Maha Chuchak And Nigaar

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