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Jodha Akbar: Jalal Declares To Jodha He Loves Atifa! (8th August)

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Jodha Akbar 8th August written episode: Akbar is urgently called to the Dewan-E-Khas where the Champaran King informs him that Jodha has exchanged letter with his daughter. At the very same time Jodha is informed that Akbar’s affair with Atifa has turned serious.

When Jodha is thinking of meeting Akbar, he hurriedly comes to her room. Akbar slams Jodha for sending letter to the princess. Jodha asks him about his new love affair. Akbar boldly says that he loves Atifa, and as an Emperor he can do whatever he wishes!

Jodha Akbar: Jalal Declares To Jodha He Loves Atifa!

Atifa’s husband Shaikh Khamatullah comes to the Qazi and narrates the matter of Akbar and Atifa’s love affair. When he seeks justice, the Qazi tells him that the accused is a powerful person, so he cannot do anything without proper proof and witness.

Khamatullah thinks that he can easily get proof, but no one will agree to become a witness against the Emperor. Still he thinks that he will not leave the matter so easily. Adam Khan becomes interested to know the matter!

Maha Manga warns her prisoner Chand Begum that if she does not open her mouth and give information about the treasure, she will be killed after the Eid, which is just four days away!

Being alert by the incident of Khaiber, Akbar instructs Man Singh to reconstruct the Mughal prison, where necessary. He says that he was impressed by the build of the prison in Ajmer.

Sharifuddin travels through the secret path of the prison and straight goes to Jodha’s chamber. He watches Jodha while she is dressing for an evening function. Jodha feels someone’s presence behind her and comes out to search for Moti.

She sees Moti outside her room, talking with some maids about Khaiber. Jodha comes to know that demon is hurting his own head against the wall of the deep well, and taking her name!

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