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Jodha Akbar: 9th June; Adham Khan In Trouble; Jodha Learns Namaaz From Jalal (Pics)

Jodha Akbar 9th June written episode: Akbar and Jodha discuss that they should not share the news of the attack with Rukaiya as it can harm her health. Rukaiya comes to know about it from Hoshier. She comes to Akbar’s room and bursts on Akbar. Akbar assures her that he is alright and he hid the news just thinking of her health.

Rukaiya says that she is least worried for his safety as she knows that he has the power, skill and training of protecting himself. She regrets that he did not share the incident with her. Akbar comforts her and apologizes.

Maha Manga asks Adam about his activities. Adam admits his crime—that he wanted to avenge her insult by killing Akbar. Maham is shattered hearing this. She tries to make Adam understand that Akbar is the Emperor of a big state and he has immense power. It is not easy to attack or kill him.

Atgah meets Akbar during his sword practice and informs that he has come to know the name of the attacker. Akbar tells him that this time he will not spare anyone as the person has attacked his Queen and hurt her. He instructs Atgah to call an urgent meeting in the Dewan-E-Khas.

Akbar comes to Jodha’s room as he hears her prayer. She wants to learn the prayer of Islam from Akbar. Akbar is overwhelmed seeing her interest in Islam. He teaches her how to pray.

After the prayer is over, Akbar sees the scar on Jodha’s hand. He utters that at Dewan-E_Khas he will do justice and make the culprit pay the price of Jodha’s blood.

Will Akbar be able to give stringent punishment to Adam Khan?

Jodha Akbar

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