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Jodha Akbar: Hussain Is On The Verge Of Death

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Jodha Akbar 9th October written episode: Jodha’s Dadi remembers Shaguni Bai’s prediction that Maha Manga’s curse will definitely affect Jodha’s children. She opines that Hussain can be safe in Ajmer. Bharmal proposes that he will take Hussain to Ajmer and bring him up there. Akbar says that he has to take Rukaiya’s permission, as the child belongs to Rukaiya by papers.

Quasim becomes alert and informs Zeenat. Zeenat scares Rukaiya with the thought that Jodha’s family is trying to take Hussain away from her. Rukaiya becomes stubborn. When Akbar calls her in front of Jodha’s family, she even refuses to let them touch the child. Bharmal and his mother leave Agra being grief-stricken.

Jodha Akbar: Hussain Is On The Verge Of Death

Zeenat looks for a scope to poison Hussain. Jodha feels that Hussain is in danger and becomes impatient. Akbar comes to meet her. He assures her that there is strict security in Hussain’s room.

Akbar takes Jodha for a walk to make her feel relaxed. She sees storm outside and again becomes restless for Hussain. She keeps remembering Maha Manga’s curse. She requests Akbar to see Hussain. Akbar leaves her with Moti and Zakira.

Rukaiya goes for bath. She orders Hoshier to be with Hussain and see that no one touches the baby. Zeenat looks for a scope to poison the child. She sends Hoshier out saying that Rukaiya is calling her.

Zeenat covers her finger with a piece of poisoned cloth and takes it near Hussain’s mouth; but she is alarmed when Akbar comes to the room and calls out her name.

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