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Jodha Akbar: Battle On Between Rukhaiya And Jodha For Jalal!

Jodha Akbar, the popular historical drama which has enthralled the viewers also continues to remain at the top of the ratings for quite some time now, thanks to the love track between Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) and Jalal (Rajat Tokas) which has taken the center stage. Looking at the current track about the battle between Rukhaiya and Jodha, the rating are only going to take more leaps.

The separation the lead characters had to endure, the misunderstandings, the suffering, the betrayal, the hurt, the healing and the mending of relationships has been the USP of the show.

Currently on the show, Jodha, who had refused to return to Agra and to Jalal, decides her anger and stubborness has only been self distructive and her happy place is next to Jalal. She returns to find that Jalal had missed her immensly and has been living with her memory the whole time.

Jodha, realising the pain and hurt Jalal has been through along with her, realises they are infact in love with each other. But circumstances stop them from expressing it to eachother.

As usual, there would be hindrences at succeeding, thanks to the distructive powers they are surrounded with. When until now it was Maha Manag, the latest is the Rukhaiya, who is most hurt about Jalal's love for Jodha.

The recent incident about the portrait in Jalal's chamber is a clear explanation for the battle brewing between the two leading ladies in Jalal's lives. Though Jodha has been seen backing off each time Rukhaiya interferes between Jalal and her, it would only be in time when she would start responding.

Though it is quite clear that Jalal is madly in love with Jodha and Rukhaiya is his very valuable friend, who also happens to be his wife, it will be interesting to watch him deal with this complicated twist in tale.

Jodha Akbar

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