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Jodha Akbar: Akbar Blames Jodha For His Failure

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Jodha Akbar December 15th episode: Akbar makes a plan for Salim’s rescue. He tells his officers that he will make an announcement of Khwaja Moin’s release, but he will not release Moin actually. He himself will take Moin’s disguise and go to the kidnappers den with a troop of soldiers. Once they liberate Salim, he will fight and teach them a lesson.

After the announcement is made in public, the kidnappers are informed. They decide to take Salim to the bank of river Yamuna, as promised. Salim becomes impatient thinking that Akbar will never come for rescue. He sees a stone and rubs his hands against it to tear the cloth binding. He frees himself soon and escapes.

Jodha Akbar: Akbar Blames Jodha For His Failure

The kidnappers become tensed seeing that Salim has escaped. They fail to catch him. They decide that they will tell Akbar to release Moin before Salim’s release. They think that Akbar is not in a position to give conditions.

On the other hand Jodha becomes impatient for Salim’s release. She herself goes to the prison and liberates Kwaja Moin. She makes a troop and goes towards the riverbank where the kidnappers have promised to release Salim.

Akbar and his troop reach the riverbank and face the kidnappers. They order to release Moin first. Akbar in Moin’s guise proceeds towards them. When he almost goes near them, Jodha reaches the spot with her troop and Khwaja Moin. The kidnappers see him. They understand that Akbar has cheated.

Akbar opens his mask and pounces on the kidnappers. After a tough fight, all of the culprits are killed by Akbar and his men, but they do not see Salim anywhere. Moin escapes. Akbar scolds Jodha for her hurried decision. Jodha explains that her mother’s heart could not wait anymore. Akbar says that it is for her stupidity he has failed to rescue Salim!

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