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Jodha Akbar: More Complications In Salim’s Life

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Jodha Akbar December 16th episode: Salim keeps running away being scared of the kidnappers. Suddenly he sees the hut of Fatima Bi where he has stayed for a long time. He knocks at the door and tells Fatima to save him. Fatima takes him to the palace.

When Jodha and Akbar are immensely happy seeing him, Salim rudely avoids them. He thinks that his parents did not care to rescue him. Akbar rewards Fatima Bi with gold and jewels and expresses his heartiest gratitude.

Jodha Akbar: More Complications In Salim’s Life

Haider collects a pot of wine and tells other children that it is a unique juice which makes the mind cool and fresh. Salim and other children have the drink. They find that it tastes extremely bad, but the after effect is quite enjoyable.

Salim becomes drunk and staggers. He hears a sound of music and enters a room. He sees a music and dance rehearsal. The dancers tell him that he is a child and he is not supposed to be there.

Salim remembers that Rukaiya always encourages him to do anything as he is the future King. He ignores the warning and orders the dancers to perform in front of him and please him. He sits and enjoys dance with more wine and dry fruits.

Akbar hears Salim’s voice while he passes through the corridor. He becomes shocked seeing that Salim is having wine and enjoying dance. He slaps him and takes him out of the room. Salim remains stubborn and Akbar becomes stricter. Jodha argues that Akbar’s strictness is making things even more complicated. Akbar accuses Jodha of spoiling the child with her blind affection.

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