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Jodha Akbar: Is Jalal Really In Love With Atifa? Here's Why He Might Not Be!

Jodha Akbar's current track about Akbar (Rajat Tokas) falling in love with a married woman, Atifa, is quite disturbing but is Jalal's really in love with someone other than Jodha (Paridhi Sharma)? Here are the reasons why it might not be true after all.

It is quite evident that Jalal is madly in love with Jodha and now since she is pregnant with his twins she is most precious to him. This fact alone poses great threat to her and their children. Even with high security in his palace, the fact that Khaiber reached her in her room shows that she is unsafe.

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One way to keep Jodha safe is to showcase that Jalal no longer considers Jodha his eternal love. He might be thinking if he shifts his interest else where, he might keep her safe.

Coming to his sudden interest in Atifa and his uncontrolable love for her - the fact that he is so openly expressing his feeling for a married woman, despite him knowing the repercussions (which might cost him his empire and his loved ones is quite absured) can only be to keep Jodha away from harm, either from Atifa or someone else who thinks he loves Jodha the most and hurting Jodha would hurt him the most.

The rumours doing rounds say that there is going to be a Maha Episode the coming weekend and the track with Atifa will come to an end in it.

Coming to Khaiber and Jodha's story. Jodha is soon going to be kidnapped by Khaiber and Jalal will be seen flipping out. He will search the entire forest where he thinks Khaiber has kept Jodha after abducting her. He will obviosuly save her. But whether Khaiber will get killed in the process or Jodha would manage to save him from eternal damnation is yet to be seen.

Jodha Akbar: Is Jalal Realy In Love With Atifa? Here's Why He Might Not Be!

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