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Jodha Akbar Maha Episode Promo: Jalal Finds Jodha, Apologises And Dies?

Jodha Akbar's latest promo of the Maha Episode shows Jalal apologising Jodha repeatedly and in the midst of what looks like a Holi celebration. Following this, Akbar (Rajat Tokas) will be shown lying dead while Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) stands stunned, crying.

Jodha Akbar, the Zee TV's popular historical drama which has been topping the TRP charts from a very long time is breaking all records now with the latest story line. The story currently is revolving around the lead characters, Jodha and Akbar(Jalal), who get separated due to misunderstandings.

Jalal would doubt Jodha's character and would banish her from his palace unaware that he has mistook her interacting with her brother as her having an affair. Jodha would then separate herself from Jalal by leaving the palace alone and walking off unnoticed.

Jalal, who realises his mistake a tad bit late due to which he would miss Jodha leaving him forever. He searches all his kingdom for Jodha but would not find her until he reaches Mathura. The place of Khana, where Jodha is taking shelter.

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Now, the latest promo shows that Jalal finds Jodha and would beg her to forgive him and return to his life. But looks like the hurt he has inflicted on her has not healed yet and she might refuse to return. Or looking at the Holi celebrations happening around, Jodha might even have agreed to go back with him.

What is most shocking at the end of the promo is that Jalal would be found read and Jodha would be standing shocked and shattered looking at his dead figure.

Has Jalal's enemies got to him when he is defenseless? Let's wait and watch Jodha Akbar's Maha Episode on 19th April on Zee TV.

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