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Jodha Akbar: 10th March, Jalal's Life On Stake At Jodha's Celebration!

Jodha Akbar 10th March written episode: Jodha declares her decision of giving freedom to the Harem staffs, of leaving their job if they do not like it. Maha Manga takes Akbar to Jodha after making complaint to him about the matter. Akbar asks Jodha about her intentions. He tells her that she cannot change the age old systems of the Harem.

Jodha tells Akbar that if a wrong custom is followed for a long time, it never becomes justified. She insists that wrong customs must be changed. She takes Akbar to the parts of Harem, that was shown to her by Ruksar. She shows him the old lady, who is serving in the kitchen for thirty five years; she has reached the age of taking rest and spending leisure, but she has to work against her will. Jodha shows Akbar how people are made to work by compulsion; they are detached from their family for life time. And they are denied the status of human being.

Jodha makes Akbar meet the boy whom she has taken with her to the Harem. She shows how a child has become distant from his mother for no fault of his; it reminds Akbar of his own childhood. The child tells Akbar that Akbar is a wrongdoer. Jodha tells him that if a child spends his childhood in an unnatural environment, he will become a criminal in future. Akbar promises to send him back to his mother.

Sujhamal comes to the grave of Benazir and comes to know that the place is not visited by anyone, as he sees the message on the grave. He feels safe and climbs a tree to spend the night safely. Abul Mali comes there and vows to avenge Benazir’s death. Sharifuddin meets Abul and informs that Akbar will come amid the mass to celebrate Jodha’s health and it would be a good chance to kill him. Sujhamal understands that Abul Mali is planning to take Akbar’s life, but he cannot understand who is assisting him, as he cannot recognize Sharifuddin.

Jodha Akbar

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