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Jodha Akbar: 11th March, Jalal Awaits Jodha's Love Confession!

Jodha Akbar 11th March written episode: Jodha describes the wretched condition of the slaves to Akbar; she recalls the experience of seeing the inhuman trade of slaves in the slave market. Akbar thanks Jodha for opening his eyes. He promises her to demolish this system. He gives her the permission of asking any queries about any system of the Mughal Empire.

Akbar visits the slave market with Adgar. Both of them take disguise and watch the scene of slave trading. Akbar regrets the fact that in spite of his order to stop this, people are continuing this act. He feels pain to see that a mother is being separated from her son, as she is sold to a person. He instructs Adgar to take stringent measures to stop this.

Sujhamal becomes desperate to give the news of Akbar’s life threat to Jodha. He cannot understand how he can reach her. At last he manages to send his message to Adgar Khan, who is looking after the preparation of the festival. Adgar confides in Sharifuddin and tells him to take care of Akbar. Sharifuddin laughs at the innocence of Adgar.

Maha Manga feels insecure about her position, as she sees that Akbar has started listening to Jodha. Hamida and Salima congratulate Jodha for her success in having control over the systems of Harem. They present some gifts to her. Akbar visits Jodha’s chamber to see her preparation for the festival. He keeps asking Jodha why she saved his life, and Jodha keeps dodging this question. A messenger informs that King Bharmal has visited Agra.

Jodha Akbar

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