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Jodha Akbar: 12th March, Conflict Between Jodha-Akbar As Sujhamal Blamed?

Jodha Akbar 12th March written episode: Akbar and Jodha meet King Bharmal, who becomes relieved to see that his daughter is in good health. He says that Jodha has shown the spirit of a Rajbangshi by saving Akbar’s life. He tells Akbar that he is well aware of the facts of Mebar. He denies any connection with Sujhamal and regrets that he is his relative.

Abul Mali and Sharifuddin design the blueprint of the assassination. Akbar enters the festival venue with Jodha; Rukaiya becomes envious as obvious. Akbar removes his crown, to celebrate the moment like a common man. Akbar declares the demolition of slavery in the Mughal Empire. Adgar Khan reads out the newly implied laws, that insist stringent punishment of the slave traders. Akbar tells Jodha that this announcement is a gift to her. Jodha is overwhelmed at this humane step of Akbar.

Sujhamal wanders in the festival field, as he is desperate to save Jodha’s vermilion. He sees Sharifuddin and thinks that he should be aware of him as the person knows him very well. Within a few moments he sees the associate of Abul Mali, targeting Akbar.

Sujhamal attacks the man and takes him out of the festival field. After a fight, he kills him. Sharifuddin follows them with soldiers. Sharifuddin catches Sujhamal and identifies him. Sujhamal becomes able to flee. Akbar also rushes to the site hearing the noise. Sharifuddin tells Akbar that Sujhamal was targeting his life. As he was caught by a man, he has killed him.

Jodha Akbar

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