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Jodha Akbar: 13th March, Akbar's Dilemma, To Choose Jodha Or Rukaiya!

Jodha Akbar 13th March written episode: Jodha tells Akbar that Sujhamal attacked Mebar with a mission of making his state free of the Mughal administration. But she is sure that Sujhamal cannot attack Akbar, as he promised to protect jodha’s vermillion. A Rajbanshi can sacrifice his life to keep his promise, rather than breaking it—thinks Jodha.

Akbar tells Jodha that a man forgets every emotion and humanity when he is in war; he becomes desperate for his mission. Sujhamal takes the guise of a beggar and waits outside the temple for Jodha. He wants to inform Jodha about the truth behind the deadly attack on Akbar.

The maid-servants thank Jodha for setting them free. Jodha expresses her gratitude to Akbar for listening to her in this matter. Akbar says that he should be grateful to Jodha for opening his eyes. Otherwise he could never see this inhuman system.

Babu and his mother visit Akbar’s conference hall. The woman thanks Akbar and Jodha for demolishing slavery. She is extremely happy to get her son back. Akbar orders Adgar to help the freed slaves get some job, so that they can start life anew.

Rukaiya plans an outing with Akbar with much excitement. She visits his chamber with dresses for him. Jodha visits the chamber at the same time. She is worried for Akbar. She thinks that Akbar should not go out as his enemies are targeting his life.

Rukaiya bursts on Jodha and says that Akbar cannot sit inside the palace being afraid. He is a great warrior and can protect himself. Akbar becomes dumbfounded seeing his queens arguing over the matter. Rukaiya directly asks him, whom he agrees with. Akbar is confused!

Jodha Akbar

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