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Jodha Akbar: 14th March, Jodha Mesmerises Akbar!

Jodha Akbar 14th March written episode: A confused Akbar calls Salima Begum to solve the differences between Jodha and Rukaiya. Salima solves this easily advising that Akbar should play Chaugan with Rukaiya inside the palace; in this way he can give company to Rukaiya and Jodha can be assured of his security.

Jodha takes Rahim to pool to teach him swimming. Rahim becomes naughty with her. He pushes her into water. Jodha looks mesmerizing in wet look. Sharifuddin watches her from his chamber; Bakshi Banu's eyes do not miss this.

Jodha sprinkles water on Rahim. By mistake she sprinkles water on Akbar too, as he passes by. Akbar is amused at this and also fascinated by Jodha’s look. Akbar invites her for the Chaugan tournament. In the game field, Jodha compliments Akbar for his game attire. Akbar tells Jodha that he will want to play this game with her next time. He wants her to learn it.

Jodha praises Salima for her skill of analyzing and solving problems quickly. Salima tells her that she has learnt this from Bairam Khan. Salima insists that now Jodha should leave the responsibilities of Harem. She thinks that Jodha has brought the necessary changes in the system. Now, she has nothing more to do than solving silly quarrels among women. She adds that this is actually Rukaiya’s cup of tea, as Rukaiya loves to be in power. The petty issues of Harem cannot be Jodha’s concern, opines Salima.

Everyone enjoys the game between Akbar and Rukaiya, as they play the game on horseback. When the game is over, suddenly Akbar sees something and rushes towards it. Adgar Khan falls on the ground.

Jodha Akbar

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