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Jodha Akbar: 18th March, Another Man In Jodha's Life; Mahamanga Conspires!

Jodha Akbar 18th March written episode: Jodha secretly meets Sujhamal. Sujhamal makes it clear to her that he has not attacked Akbar. He says that he is an enemy to the Mughals but he can never think of harming Akbar, because of the promise he made to Jodha.

Sujhamal repeats the incidents of the night, when he saw Abul Mali and the incidents of the festival day. He alerts Jodha about some enemy inside the palace, or perhaps inside the family. He wants her to keep this meeting as a secret. Jodha promises to do so.

Maha Manga follows the whole thing. She comes to know that the man is Sujhamal; she thinks of informing it to Akbar immediately. The next moment she thinks that it will not benefit her. She thinks that she will create a story of Jodha’s secret love affair. Akbar asks Jodha about her absence in her room at night. Jodha says that she visited the Ambe Maa temple for peace of mind.

Maha Manga comes to Akbar and informs him about Jodha’s secret meeting with a man. She also mentions the message on the leaf plate. She says that the man seemed to be very close to her. She thinks that she has been able to poison Akbar’s mind against Jodha.

After Maha Manga leaves, Akbar thinks that Jodha can never do anything wrong. He is sure that there must be some reason behind Jodha’s acts. He is worried about Jodha’s security, as she is going out of the palace alone at night. He thinks that he should keep watch over the matter. Adgar Khan gets ready for joining his duty, ignoring his wife’s request for taking more rest.

Jodha Akbar

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