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Jodha Akbar: 25th March; Jalal Ignores Jodha; Sujhamal Enters The Palace In Disguise

Jodha Akbar 25th March written episode: When Jodha questions Akbar’s decision over Mazhar, he wants to erupt on Jodha for constantly lying to him, but actually he utters a few words and leaves the place. He only says that if the beloved hides something, it pains a lot. Later when Jodha tries to talk to Akbar, he avoids her and announces that he is going to spend time with Rukaiya.

The new eunuch employees for Harem are taken inside the palace. Rukaiya orders that there should be proper checking of the matter whether they are truly eunuchs. Sujhamal takes the guise of a eunuch and joins the group.

Maha Manga gets a report that a eunuch is complaining that he was present in the group; but a person has forcefully snatched his bag and identity proof. The eunuch says that his name is Dilawar Khan.

Maha Manga comes inside and sees the person who gives his identity as Dilawar Khan. She doubts that his face looks like Sujhamal’s. She thinks that if her doubt is true, then her purpose will be served very soon. She banishes the eunuch who made the complaint.

Maha Manga wants to confirm that the person is Sujhamal. When the troop is taken inside the palace, she notices that Jodha is playing with Rahim. She also finds that the suspect is looking at Jodha.

The second confirmation comes when Resham verifies the true physical status of the staffs. Sujhamal avoids the test tactfully and Maha Manga notices it. She thinks that Sujhamal has entered the palace to end his life, but before that Maha Manga will use him for her purpose.

The employees are taken to Rukaiya, for their assignments. Maha Manga tells Rukaiya that Dilawar is expert in babysitting. He is assigned as the attendant of Bakshi Banu.

Jodha Akbar

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