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Jodha Akbar: 5th March, Open Elections For Harem; Jodha-Akbar Confess Love!

Jodha Akbar 5th March written episode: Maha Manga tells Rukaiya that her plan of maligning Jodha was brilliant, but she has done a mistake by involving Akbar in it. She suggests that from the next time Rukaiya should consult her before making any plan against Jodha. She admits that she is the greatest enemy of Jodha.

Moti suggests that if Jodha has any emotion for Akbar, she should confess that; by hiding her emotions, she is deceiving Akbar. On the other hand Akbar is excited with the thought that Jodha has started liking him, but he thinks that he should not approach her for a second time, as he will not be able to bear refusal again.

Sharifuddin looks at the picture of Jodha with much passion and thinks when he will be able to embrace her. His behavior raises doubt in Bakshi Banu’s mind. She suggests that they should send the picture to Jodha.

Akbar comes to Salima Begum as he feels fed up with the problem of harem. He asks Salima whether she can give any solution. Salima tells him that he should leave the position of the Emperor, if he wants to avoid problems.

Jodha and Rukaiya visit Hamida Begum’s chamber to ask for her blessings. While Rukaiya wants her victory, Jodha prays for peace and harmony in the harem. Hamida appreciates Jodha saying that people who pray for others are always blessed by God.

Rukaiya starts arguing with Jodha saying that she is going to lose the contest. Jodha says that one should take blessings from the elders to win a contest, instead of playing shrewd tricks. She advises Rukaiya not to forget her position. When people gather for the final decision over the management of harem, Akbar declares that there will be an open vote for it.

Jodha Akbar

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