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Jodha Akbar: 6th March, Rukaiya's Vote Makes Jodha Win The Elections!

Jodha Akbar 6th March written episode: The procedure of vote in Harem starts with Hamida Begum and she votes for Jodha. Bakshi Banu votes for Rukaiya Begum, as the sight of Sharifuddin’s passion for Jodha’s picture makes her envious. The votes for the two contestants count equal, when only three people are left there to vote—Jodha, Rukaiya and Akbar.

Jodha votes for herself. Akbar votes for Rukaiya as Jodha has appealed to him personally, to vote for Rukaiya; she thinks that winning the contest will not make a big meaning for Rukaiya, as Akbar’s vote for her will. Jodha does not want a split in their relationship. Salima Begum also votes for Rukaiya, as Jodha insists.

So, only Rukaiya’s vote is left to make the final decision. Making everyone surprised, Rukaiya votes for Jodha. Everyone keeps wondering why Rukaiya has done so. Rukaiya confides her plan only in Maha Manga.

Rukaiya tells Maha Manga that she has voted for Jodha to put her in double trouble. Firstly Jodha will be away from Akbar as she will be busy with her new responsibility. Secondly, she has no idea about the system of Harem. So, she will start making mistakes within a few days and people will start disliking her. Rukaiya thinks that Jodha will not be able to handle every problem with emotions. One day, she will be obliged to be rude with people; so, she will be the same person, as Rukaiya is.

Sujhamal sneaks into the Mughal palace in disguise. He meets Jodha outside the Ambe Maa Temple, where Jodha has come to pray to God, so that she can skillfully manage her new responsibility. Jodha becomes immensely happy to see him, but the very next moment she remembers his enmity against the Mughals. Jodha tells him that every Mughal is thirsty for his blood, so he should leave promptly. Jodha’s eyes are filled with tears when her brother leaves. She does not tell this even to Moti.

Akbar gets informed about Rana Pratap’s enmity against the Mughal Empire. He remembers his promise to people, of throwing a big festival to celebrate Jodha’s health. He instructs Adgar Khan to start the arrangements.

Jodha Akbar

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