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Jodha Akbar Preview: Jodha Hugs Jalal Back At Last!

Jodha Akbar, the popular Zee TV historical show has been topping the charts for quite some time now. The latest track of the beloved couple on screen - Jodha and Jalal's separation and getting back together has been a huge hit among the viewers. Jodha and Jalal acknowledge their love and hug each other at last.

Currently, the show has Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) returning to Jalal (Rajat Tokas) after leaving him for accusing of cheating on him. Jalal realises his mistake when he comes to know it was Jodha's brother who was meeting her, but Jodha would have left him by the time he does. She would have walked out of his palace without informing anybody where she is heading.

Jalal leaves his kingdom and goes in search of his wife, and would realise he has a heart, after all, and that he is deeply in love with his wife. Jodha would be found, but would refuse to accept his apology since his accusations were that hurtful to her. She would return to her parents' in Amer but would still refuse to return with Jalal since she fears getting hurst again.

Jalal would then return to Agra, after trying repeatedly to convinse her to return with him. But what his words did not succeed, his deeds does. He would abolish the piligrimage tax that would be burdening his people. The news reaches Jodha and impressed with his work and pure heart, she realises her place is next to Jalal. She would decide to return to him.

Jodha would be received by Jalal ceremoniously in Agra. When Jalal gets Jodha all to himself, he would shock her by asking her to punish him by whipping him for the hurtful words he had said to her.

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This would be followed by Jalal hugging her. Jodha who has never acknowledged Jalal, would at last accept his love and hugs him back.

Jodha Akbar

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