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Jodha Akbar Spoiler: Khaiber To Escape Prison And Kidnap Jodha Yet Again!

Jodha Akbar is going to see Khaiber escape and kidnap Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) yet again very soon. Latest spoilers show Jalal (Rajat Tokas) search for Jodha while Khaiber would have taken her to a forest, unconscious.

The latest spoilers show that Khaiber, who is saved by Jodha from getting punished to death, will be escape from the prison and kidnap Jodha yet again. Previously, Khaiber would have barged into the palace during the celebrations of Jodha's pregnancy and kidnapped her. Jalal would have found her in time and brought her back to safety.

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This time on the other hand, Jodha will be seen unconscious when she finds herself in forest kidnapped by Khaiber. But it is quite clear by now that Khaiber poses no threat to Jodha and in fact listens to her every word quite religiously.

Jalal, who is currently distracted by the new lady love in his life, Atifa, will get yet another shock when he finds out Jodha is kidnapped for the second time.

When Khaiber escaped prison and entered Jodha's living quarters, Jalal would have declared that he will be killed for this act. But his decision would be stopped when Jodha makes use of the wish he would have granted her. She would wish for Khaiber to be left alive.

Off late Akbar's love interests have been shifted away from Jodha and towards another. This time when Jodha gets kidnapped his true feelings for Jodha might come crushing back to place.

Jodha Akbar Spoiler: Khaiber To Escape And Kidnap Jodha Again!

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