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Jodha Akbar: 10th February, Rukhaiya Furious Over Jodha-Jalal's "Together Time"

Jodha Akbar 10th February written episode: Akbar calls everyone to Dewan-E-Khas. He praises Mirza and Man Singh for their great job of winning the war. He rewards Rukaiya with the property of Chanderi for her courageous deed of punishing Benazeer. Rukaiya shows a great heart saying that it belongs to Bairam Khan and it should rightfully go to Salima Begum and Rahim.

Akbar apologizes to Jodha in front of everyone for not paying heed to her words. He announces that he will build up a city with the name Fatehpursicri. The design of the city will be planned by Jodha and the city will carry the emblem of Jodha’s faithfulness.

Akbar announces that he made a promise to God, of visiting the Sicri, after Jodha’s recovery. Hamida Begum orders that Akbar’s three Begums will accompany him. Rukaiya denies to go as she is upset with the fact that Akbar is giving so much importance to Jodha.

When Salima comes to know that Rukaiya is not going with Akbar, she thinks that she should leave Jodha alone with Akbar, so that they can come close to each other. She first shows her reason of illness to Hamida, but reveals her true intention later.

Adgar Khan, Mirza, Man Singh and Maha Manga think that it would not be safe for Akbar to travel at this time, as Abul Mali is active in his attempts to occupy the kingdom and the Pathans will definitely try to avenge their defeat in the war. Akbar says that he will step out in the guise of a common man.

Akbar does not want to take Jodha with her, due to her poor health, but she is determined to go. Maha Manga awakens Rukaiya in the morning and gives her news of the tour of Jodha and Akbar, to add fuel to the fire of jealousy in Rukaiya.

Jodha Akbar

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