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Jodha Akbar: 12th February, Jodha Saves Jalal From Getting Whipped In Prison!

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Jodha Akbar 12th February written episode: In the prison Akbar refuses the food, which is too bad to eat. The Mughal staff shows him a notice, with the stamp of the Mughal Emperor. The notice instructs to give such food to the prisoners. Akbar keeps arguing about the food and the pilgrimage tax. The staff repeatedly says that everything has been ordered by the Emperor himself. It is his order to collect tax from non-Muslim pilgrims. The staff decides to punish Akbar for questioning the rules of the Mughal Empire.

When Akbar is to be whipped, Jodha wants to disclose his identity. Akbar prevents her saying that he must see how his staffs behave with the common people. Jodha keeps mum but she prevents the whipping by offering her ornaments to the tax collector. They are set free.

Jodha Akbar

As the soldiers and attendants are still behind the bars, Akbar decides to spend the night somehow and then think some way out to rescue his soldiers. Akbar and Jodha spend the night in a gypsy tent. Jodha prepares chapattis and burns her finger. Akbar becomes worried for her.

Rukaiya starts her journey to find out Akbar. Maha Manga keeps provoking her. Hamida Begum says that Rukaiya is forgetting her position. She is defying her customs by being jealous of Jodha. Hamida fears that this jealousy may create some big trouble for all.

Sharifuddin becomes restless inside the prison. He thought that Jodha would request Akbar, to set him free, as he alerted Jodha about Benazir. He is frustrated to see that no such thing has happened. Adam Khan informs Maha Manga that Sharifuddin is planning to come out of the prison. Maha Manga says that it would be good for Adam, if Sharifuddin stays behind the bars.

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