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Jodha Akbar: 1st March, Tabassum Draws Jodha As Sharrifudin's Lady Love!

Jodha Akbar 1st March written episode: Jodha gives shelter to a child who has been detached from his mother; his mother has been sold in the slave market. Jodha suffers a lot by the wretched condition of the slaves. Ruksar Begum tries to convince Jodha that she is the most capable one for managing the Harem. She takes Jodha to an unseen part of Harem, where the maid servants are living like animals, having no dignity. They are deprived of even the basic needs of life. Jodha becomes surprised to discover this fact; she also comes to know that Rukaiya is well aware of everything. Ruksar tells her that if this scene troubles her at all, she should take the responsibility of the harem; otherwise she should have no right to sympathize with these people in future.

Jodha becomes really troubled after seeing this. She comes in front of the scale of justice and thinks what to do; on one hand she cannot endure this insult of humanity, on the other hand she does not want enmity with Rukaiya.

Akbar tells Jodha that she has the power to manage the harem, only she has no idea of her power. He reminds her that the task would never be easy, because it is always easy to be afraid of something or escape something, but taking a responsibility is tough for anyone. Akbar believes that Jodha is not a common woman; she can be dedicated and determined for a good cause.

When the meeting of Harem is called for a second time, Jodha declares that she is ready to take the responsibility of Harem. Akbar says that everyone will be given the right to select the in-charge of Harem. And the final decision will be taken after four days. Unable to control her anger after these incidents, Rukaiya Begum now sacks her confidant Hoshier. Feeling betrayed and ditched after so many years of dedicated service, Hoshier comes to Jodha and asks for shelter. He says that he will have no other option than suicide, if Jodha denies protecting him.

The bodies of the Mughal soldiers killed in the Mebar attack are sent to the Mughal palace. Akbar calls Jodha in the arsenal and informs her that the Mughal soldiers have been killed by her brother Sujhamal. He adds that the method of killing is absolutely condemnable and against the rules of war, as they have been attacked from the back side. Jodha says that if Sujhamal has truly done so, he deserves punishment.

Painter Tabasum paints the picture of Shariffudin’s ladylove, hearing his description. After it is finished, she finds that she has painted the portrait of Jodha. Sharifuddin tells Bakshi Banu that he wanted the painter to draw Bakshi Banu’s portrait, but she has made a great mistake. Tabasum feels confident about the fact that her brush can never make mistake. She has exactly painted, what she was told.

Jodha Akbar

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