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Jodha Akbar: 3rd March, Jodha's Ego Clash, Maha Manga Inspires Adam!

Jodha Akbar 3rd March written episode: Jodha expresses her regret to Moti about the matter of Sujhamal. She cannot believe that a Rajput leader can attack someone from the back side. Being a sister she sheds her tears for Sujhamal, whereas being Akbar’s queen, she cannot object to his decision of punishing a wrongdoer. King Bharmal gets the updates of Maber. Knowing that Sujhamal has killed Akbar’s relatives, he becomes determined to punish Sujhamal.

Adam Khan warns the dacoit leader to stop robbery. He gives him money to fulfill the needs of the dacoit village. Akbar orders Adam Khan and Pir Mohammad to handle the responsibilities of state defense. Maha Manga inspires Adam to prove his power of ruling a piece of land successfully. Adam is all set to prove himself.

Some Begums of the Harem thank Jodha for accepting the challenge of Harem management. Hoshier visits Rukaiya’s chamber at night and gives the updates of Jodha’s activities. Rukaiya orders him to continue acting as per her con, has he has tricked Jodha into believing that Rukaiya has sacked him. She tells him about her new plan of misguiding the supporters of Jodha. She vows to make them hate Jodha.

The Hindu maids of the Harem find idols of Lord Krishna in their rooms; they are pleased to think that Jodha has done it to favour them in performing their religious rituals. Resham gives the information to Maha Manga, who becomes shocked like anything.

The Begums who took Jodha’s side, now think that they have done a mistake by supporting her. They think that Jodha has started changing the rules of the Mughal harem, even before she has come to the power.

Rukaiya smiles to see that her intrigue has worked!

Jodha Akbar

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