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Jodha Akbar: 4th March, Jalal Insults Rukaiya Says, 'Not Worth A Mughal Queen'!

Jodha Akbar 4th March written episode: Hamida Begum strongly believes that Jodha cannot keep the idols in the Hindu maids’ rooms. Salima Begum guesses that this is done by Rukaiya to put Jodha down. The maids come to thank Jodha for keeping God’s idols in their rooms. Jodha becomes surprised to hear this and denies doing it. She promises the women she will fight for their cause, so that they would be able to worship their God inside the Harem, in future. She also permits them to come to her chamber and offer Puja to Lord Krishna, if they wish.

Being informed about the idol incident, Akbar first meets Jodha. He believes that Jodha cannot do this, still he wants to confirm his belief. Jodha assures him that she cannot play such a dirty power game, making use of religion and people’s emotion.

When people gather to solve the matter, Akbar reprimands everyone who tries to prove Jodha guilty. He even stops Rukaiya from saying anything. He tells everyone that he knows Jodha very well and he trusts her. He also says that the criminal can confess her crime, meeting him personally, and he may pardon her.

Akbar meets Rukaiya personally and tells her that he has the capability of digging up the truth. He knows who ordered the idol-maker to make the idols. He slams Rukaiya for violating Mughal customs, being a Mughal queen. He cannot believe that Rukaiya can be so mean, only to put Jodha down.

Akbar meets Jodha at night, when Jodha is sitting alone under the sky. Jodha thanks him for having faith on her; he says that this faith is earned by Jodha herself. He also tells Jodha that he has respect for everyone’s religion and it was he, who prayed to Joddha’s Kanha, when her life was in danger!

Jodha Akbar

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