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Jodha Drinks Benazir's Poison To Save Jalal Again On Jodha Akbar!

Jodha, as a last resort to save Jalal from Benazir, drinks poison herself on Jodha Akbar. She decided to sacrifice herself to save her husband on Zee TV's show Jodha Akbar. Jodha, played by Paridhi Sharma, had no choice, but to put herself in danger in order to save Jalal, played by Rajat Tokas.

There had been a few misunderstanding between the couple and Jalal, out of anger towards Jodha started to turn to Benazir, a poisonous lady trying to kill him. Jodha, who figured out her intentions early on, tried her best to give Jalal a heads up. But Jalal, who was so engrossed in his anger towards Jodha, decided to ignore just to hurt her.

Jodha and Salima Begam even had proof against Benazir, but the situation moved out of their hands when Jalal decided to marry Benazir. During the wedding, when asked to share savai (a drink), though Maha Manga would have tasted it, when Benazir drinks it first is turned poisonous. And when Jalal is about to drink it next, Jodha steps in between.

Jodha refuses to let Jalal put his life in danger. She says her adios to everyone and drinks it herself, to save Jalal from Benazir, if not to prove her point. Jodha looses consciousness immediately and Benazir gets caught.

Jalal is now in great pain seeing Jodha in danger. Without the antidote to Benazir's poison, Jodha cannot be saved and Jalal, who thinks he is the cause of it, is shattered seeing Jodha's life slipping away.

In the latest promo, Jalal is seen praying both to Hindu and Muslim Gods to save Jodha's life. He is seen crying for all his mistakes and for doubting Jodha so many times, when all she was doing was to save his life.

Let's wait and watch what happens to Jodha and how Jalal manages to save her life.

Jodha Akbar

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