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Kapil Sharma V/S Kamaal R Khan: Dirty Twitter Battle! (Pics)

Comedian Kapil Sharma is the latest target of the controversial and foul-mouthed Kamaal R Khan (better known as KRK) on Twitter. A conversation between Comedy Nights with Kapil host Kapil Sharma and Kamaal R Khan which started in the wee hours of this morning (2nd July 2014), led to a heated series of arguments on the social platform, resulting in an ugly mess.

It all started when Kamaal tweeted last night, "Good night and kiss to real super stars n kick to comedian super stars." Not getting any reaction and hungry for some attention, he followed it up this morning with "Good morning and kiss to real lions n kick to jackass lions who become lions after drinking only." And this did it for him. Kapil Sharma retorted, and the whole drama unfolded.

Kapil, however, put on a gentleman's act, and replied to him with dignity. Kapil must have also deleted all his tweets from his Twitter profile, because we could not find it there.

Catch the showdown here...

Kapil reacted to the tweet, challenging Kamaal to be a man and talk to him directly. Kamaal laughed at Kapil's tweet, saying he is a coward when sober.

Kapil Sharma warned him of the consequences of messing with a Punjabi launda. Kamaal used his second best weapon, after vulgar abuse- sarcasm.

Kapil by then, understood the futility if the exercise and ended the whole scene by asking Kamaal not to use his name to gain fame. But Kamaal was not done. He continued to post not one, but two tweets after Kapil walked out of the conversation.

Kapil chose to preserve his self-respect by ignoring Kamaal's dirty words. Apparently, this animosity between the two goes a long way into the past.

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Kapil Sharma V/S Kamaal R Khan: Dirty Twitter Battle! (Pics)

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