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Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi Violently Beats Suresh In Public!

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Kumkum Bhgaya November 11th episode: Pragya loses her confidence and begs for mercy to everyone in the family. Aaliya again insults her and says that she deserves being thrown out of the house. Pragya feels helpless. Abhi finds Suresh’s college identity card on his bed. He fumes seeing it.

Abhi follows Suresh and comes near his house. He beats up Suresh violently and says that he has illegitimate relationship with Pragya. Suresh is shocked at this unexpected accusation. Purvi hears the ruckus outside and sees that Abhi and Suresh are fighting.

Kumkum..: Abhi Violently Beats Suresh In Public!

Purvi informs Dadi. Dadi tells her to go to the temple where Sarala has gone to attend a religious function. Purvi goes there to stop Sarala for a longer time. Dadi and Bulbul come out to see the problem.

Dadi stops Abhi and asks about the issue. Abhi says that Pragya and Suresh are involved in an illegitimate relationship. Dadi slaps him and slams him for giving such dirty allegation against her granddaughter. Abhi shows her the video.

Dadi, Bulbul and Suresh see the video. Suresh tries to explain that this is a cooked up story but Abhi gives him no chance to speak. He again starts beating Suresh. Bulbul informs Pragya. Pragya comes promptly and stops him when he is about to hit Suresh with a boulder. He insults her for saving Suresh.

Suddenly Abhi thinks that he should go and see his Dadi who is in the same temple where Sarala is. Pragya’s Dadi requests him to cool down. Pragya tells Dadi that she is innocent and someone is trying to malign her. She goes to the temple with Abhi.

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