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Kushal Tandon's Prank On Twitter Scares Gauhar Khan And His Fans!

Kushal Tandon, post his shoulder surgery did some promotion for his upcoming music video with Gauhar by tweeting his relationship with Gauhar is over.

Kushal on 26th April decided to play a prank on Gauhar and his fans by saying that Gauhar and he are no longer dating. He tweeted saying, "Gauahar and me are not dating nemore ....... So chill and enjoy."

Following his initial tweet, he also tweeted saying, "And guys stop using this word Gaushal gaushal if u al love me and wanna follow me then follow me there is no such thing called gaushal."

The last tweet for the day said, "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."

The tweets went on to create a rampage on the social networking site. There were fans hurt, some greiving, some abusive, some even supporting.

The abuse went to pretty great hights and Kushal was forced to do some damage control. He then tweeted ending his prank the next day saying, "Gm guys chil guys my account is not hacked it's was me was jus pulling u all as to c how u all react to this coz are Vedio is of a break up."

Here are some of the fan tweets after Kushal ended the prank...

Gauahar Fan ❤ ‏@BeingPiyaS: this is the most unprofessional looking promotion i have ever seen! Kushal's cover up is hard to believe! sorry!

Mona khan ‏@Monak2014: not needed of that prank.bcz hmara piar wese bi boht hai gauahar aur kushal k lie.

Paawan Kapur ‏@paawankapur: lol dz prank created quite a stir n it ws so difficult fr us to make sum of d fans understand.dey wr gng crazy

Niharika ‏@tinzme: Yes we were literally scared n had heart break for some time.... :P

Rajani Jayaraman ‏@rajani_vjn: it was dangerous prank.it was small heart-attack but its ok. When will be the next prank?Something different. ok

Naila Sheikh ‏@nailasheikh11: thee is a difference between prank n stupdity.. after doing a drama now covering up as prank

rajeshratan keshri ‏@koollalji: Promotion of @KushalT2803 n Gau's new video created quite a stir..Cnt believe der sweet fans fell for it! Watta Prank

Gaushal FC ‏@gaushallover: I knw...the prank was a huge success....fans wre literally shocked but we knew that it was not possible

GAUSHAL FANCLUB ‏@FCKusGau: Dara diya Kushal ne! :P

Vidhushi♡ ‏@VidhushiI: that of Really a Hurting prank yar!V wud have watched it if they dint promote also, they have Lots of fans btw!

Krazzy ‏@sepultraonyx tweeted: but dat was hell scary for us....not needed cos we wud have luved it anyways.

Kushal Tandon

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