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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: 10th May; Madhu Trapped In A World Of Restrictions And Rituals

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 10th May written episode: Madhu's rebellion makes everyone furious. Raja controls others and makes Madhu sit for the puja again. She is bathed with milk. Burnt chilies are kept in front of her nose, with a belief that evil will go out with coughs and sneezes. As Madhu coughs vehemently, Raja removes the plate of burnt chilies. His family members do not like this.

The widow comes inside to see the rituals. Grand pa calls her. He says that Bhaguri, the widow, has again committed a crime as she has come to see holy rituals. He orders her to go and take burnt coal on her palm. The poor woman follows this. When she trembles to touch the coal, grand pa orders grand ma to keep the coal on her palm. Grand ma follows his order like a puppet.

Madhu Trapped In A World Of Restrictions And Rituals

Grand ma places the burnt coal on Bhaguri's palm. When she cries in pain, Madhu protests. Raja's brother-in-law becomes violent on Madhu. He points his gun at her. Raja protects Madhu. He declares that Madhu is the person who has cared for him when he was ill and has taken him back to a normal life. So, from now on no one should dare insult her, declares Raja.

Madhu is taken inside and told that she will be dressed like a Goddess. She cannot visit the bathroom frequently, as she has to bathe each time she goes there. And she cannot use mobile phone, as brides of the family cannot have personal phones. She has to call from grand ma's phone, keeping it in loud speaker mode.

Madhu wants to meet Raja as she finds everything unbearable. She is scolded for calling him by name. She is locked inside the room. Madhu feels helpless and thinks that she should go back home. Grand pa calls Raja and his brother-in-law and forbids them to quarrel, as they have to look after his business in future.

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