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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: 17th June;Raja Threatens To Harm Dida, Madhu Submits, Withdraws Case!

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 17th June written episode: Dau Ji questions Bhanu whether he has sent the goons to the court. Though Bhanu pretends innocence, his shrewd smile suggests something else. He utters in his mind that he has put Raja in such a trouble which would finish his life.

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Madhu's lawyer Mrs Kapadia gives a return blow for Madhu's insult in the court. She presents the documents of the enmity of Raja's family with the marijuana mafias. She also mentions the Devi Seth murder case. She argues that Raja is a born criminal.

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Then comes the video of the attack on Bittu in the court premises. The judge is convinced that if Raja can threaten someone inside the court, he can do anything with his wife. The judge calls off the session and declares that the verdict will be delivered the next day. Shroff apprehends that they will lose the case. Raja tells him that he will change the game.

The next day Madhu appears unusually late for the court session. She comes straight to the dais and says that Raja called her the previous night. He cried and apologized. Madhu thinks that he is heartily repentant. She declares that she has decided to withdraw the case! She also says that she wants to start a new life with Raja!

Mrs Kapadia slams Madhu for taking such a stupid step. She is sure that Madhu is being compelled to withdraw the case. Madhu only cries and apologizes to her. Raja refuses to go home as he thinks that his family members do not love him anymore. Ashok tells him that Dau ji loves him just like before and takes him back.

After leaving the court, Madhu comes to a deserted place and waits for her Dida. She remembers Raja's threat that she can get back her Dida in fine condition only if she withdraws her complaint.

Dida gets down from a car and tells Madhu that she was kidnapped by some unknown men. She comes to know that Madhu has taken her complaint back, being pressured by Raja!

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