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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: 24th May; Madhu To Be Killed In Temple! (Pics)

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 24th May written episode: Madhu sees a different face of Raja, completely lost in anger. He orders his men to kill the man and dump his body into the river. Grand pa becomes proud of Raja, as he thinks that Raja would be the perfect heir for his property. He declares that Bhanu and Raja are equal in his eyes now.

It triggers off Bhanu's anger again and he plans to murder Raja. Agni tells him that he should kill Madhu, so that Raja becomes troubled and leaves the place. Bhanu appreciates her idea. He appoints the temple priest for the job.

Madhu's tears irritate Raja, as he thinks that he has done nothing wrong by killing the man. Madhu argues that it is not right to commit a crime, to punish a criminal. Raja drags her to the room of Bhaguri, when Madhu calls him a brute.

Raja shows the picture of his elder brother, Bhaguri's husband, who was killed by the assailant. He feels for Bhaguri who is living the pitiable life of a widow for the last thirteen years. He thinks that he has done justice with her.

Bhaguri differs. She thinks that it will bring no change in her life, moreover another widow is created, who will live an unbearable life from now on. Raja is confused by the opinions of the ladies. He still thinks that he has done just the right thing, by taking the revenge. He prefers being uncivilized and brute!

Bhaguri gives puja thali to Madhu, telling her about the Kalbhairo. She says that Madhu's desire will be fulfilled by doing this Puja. Madhu tells Raja that she will ask for her freedom. She does not know that her death is awaiting there!

Catch the shocking developments in this power-packed episode of Madhubala here...

Raja Warns Madhu

Raja tells her not to interfere in the matter of Devi Seth. Raja orders the men to kill Devi.

Madhu To Approach Police

Raja wants to kill Devi Seth and threatens Madhu to stay away from the issue.

Grand Pa Proud of Raja

Grand pa rebukes Bhanu saying Raja has accomplished what he could not.

Agni-Bhanu Plot Madhu's Murder!

Agni and Bhanu employ the priest to kill Madhu at the temple.

Madhu In Hell

Madhu is astonished that Raja would slap her in front of everyone.

Raja Can't See Madhu's Tears

Raja says that he loves her and cannot bear to see her upset.

Raja Sorry For Hitting Madhu

Raja says that hitting her hurts him more than it would have hurt her. Madhu is confused about Raja's love for her.

Raja Good At Heart

Raja tells Madhu to punish him by hitting back.

Madhu Disgusted

Madhu says that revenge is all that Raja knows and killing Devi will not solve the issue.

Raja's Anguish

Raja recalls how Devi mercilessly killed his parents when Raja was only twelve.

Raja Exposes Devi's Truth

Raja tells Madhu how Devi killed Veer and made Bhaguri a widow.

Raja Fulfills Vow

Raja, true to his vow, lit the lamp before Veer's photo only after Devi was killed.

Bhaguri Bursts Out

Bhaguri says that Raja has now made a widow of Devi's wife , just like her, on killing Devi.

Raja Prefers Being Uncouth

Raja cannot comprehend Bhaguri's and Madhu's words.

Madhu Loses Hope

Madhu wants to leave Raja forever.

Madhu's Wish

Madhu says that she will pray for her freedom from Raja at the temple.


Raja says that he and Madhu are ment to be, and that even death cannot separate them.

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