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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: 3rd June; Dida Comes To Mumbai, Shocked Seeing Madhu Married! (Pics)

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 3rd June written episode: Raja keeps romancing with Madhu inside the car. He says that he will wait for the day when she will be able to love him without any hesitation. On the other hand, Leela tells Sweety that she should please Raja to have his favour, as he is a rich man. Sunny vows that he will never let Raja take Madhu back with him.

When Madhu and Raja arrive at the house, Leela arranges a grand welcome and shows extreme level of sycophancy. She says that the Pag Phere ritual will start soon and there will be a dance party.

Sunny whispers to Madhu that he has kept Mathura tickets for her. She shares her plan for escaping. She tells Sunny to dance with Raja in the party, so that his attention is distracted from her. She would take the opportunity and escape.

Raja notices that the two are whispering to each other and comes between them. He says that he will sit on Sunny's back, according to their custom. He will feel insulted, if Sunny denies it. Leela tells Sunny to do it.

Raja sits on Sunny's back and tells him that this is a warning for him, as he tried to help Madhu in escaping. Madhu requests him to leave Sunny. The dance starts soon. Sunny engages Raja and signals Madhu, who leaves the house with her bag.

Coming downstairs, Madhu sees a taxi stopping in front of the house. The door opens and out comes Bittu, followed by Dida. They are shocked seeing Madhu's get up.

Catch a few moments from the episode in the slideshow...

Romance Doesn't Suit Raja

Madhu says that sweet words don't sound good from his lips. She feels that he must stick to hurling abuses at people.

Madhu Lost In Raja's Eyes

Raja somehow talks nicely and makes Madhu get carried away.

Will Madhu finally fall for Raja?

Leela's Plan

Leela instructs Sweety to behave nicely with Raja as he is a rich man and they could benefit from him.

Leela Sings Praises

Leela says that the two are like Ram-Sita and must be welcomed according to tradition.

Sweety Performs Aarti

Sweety puts on a fake smile and welcomes Raja and Madhu.

Leela Can Go To Any Extent

Leela bows in respect to Raja, saying that it is their custom to welcome the groom.

Sunny Helps Madhu

Sunny has booked tickets for Mathura and asks Madhu to escape.

Raja Misbehaves

Raja thinks that Sunny is shy of Raja, and puts a veil on his head to mock at him.

Raja's Custom

Raja says that it is a custom in their culture for the groom to sit on the brother-in-law's back as a welcome gesture.

Leela Forces Sunny

Sunny obeys Leela and bends for Raja to sit.

Madhu Intervenes

Madhu tells Raja that he is free to treat her however he wishes, but has no right over Sunny.

Sunny Distracts Raja

Sunny dances with Raja and distracts him. Madhu escapes.

Madhu Sees Dida

Madhu is shocked seeing Dida downstairs.

Madhu Is Married?

Dida is also shocked seeing that Madhu is married.

Madhu In Misery

Madhu joins her hands and asks for forgiveness.

What will Dida say? Stay tuned to find out!

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