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Meet: Yo Yo Honey Singh's Hand-Picked India's Raw Stars!

India's Raw Star aired it's first episode on Sunday, the 24th of September, the episode had high expectations given the extensive campaigning the show has done with Yo Yo Honey Singh and the host of the show, Gauhar Khan and it is pretty obvious with the response the show has received that the show has surpassed the expectations set on the show.

The show, unlike the other reality shows live up to their word in bringing us an unique show with fresh ideas. As they said the show does not linger on the celebrity judges and their opinion. The show does not waste time on showcasing comedy on a talent hunt show nor they have wasted a month on auditions.

Though there are many positives there are also some negatives regarding the show, at least in the first episode. Though the episode did not waste much time on Yo Yo and kept it crisp and interesting, they failed at maintaining the same with the host, Gauhar Khan. Also, though the claims they have presented the ultimate 10 raw stars, the talents they have showcased on the first episode are a bit of a let down, even though some of them are meant to bring shock waves in the industry.

Here are the 10 talented India's Raw Stars contestants, Yo Yo Honey Singh handpicked from their homes from across the nation and their details...

Meet Yo Yo Honey Singh's Handpicked India's Raw Stars!

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