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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: 17th July; Baa Calls Ishani Illegitimate, Harshad Protests

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 17th July written episode: Chirag and his parents come to the Parekh house for the discussion of Ishani-Chirag alliance. After the dinner is over, Baa calls Chirag's mother and tells her that Ishani is an illegitimate child. No one knows who her actual father is!

Shweta becomes tensed thinking of their social honour. Chaitali shows Falguni that Baa is whispering to Shweta. Falguni comes to them. Shweta directly asks Falguni about the birth status of Ishani, whether her father is truly unknown!

Ishani comes forward and says that she is truly illegitimate. But still, Harshad has loved her even more like his own daughter. The other children of the house have treated her like their own cousin. She requests Shweta to stop the marriage.

Harshad, Ketan and Chirag come to the room and hear Ishani saying that she is an illegitimate child. Harshad bursts into anger and asks who has said so. Baa keeps tight lipped and Shweta becomes nervous too.

Ketan quickly says sorry to Harshad as he does not want to spoil his friendship with this successful and high profile businessman. Harshad explains that one cannot become a father by giving birth. A Father is he who brings up a child. He does not have blood connection with Ishani, but a connection of heart, says Harshad.

Chirag comes forward and says that he has no interest in Ishani's past. He adds that Ishani will have the sole right to take decision over the marriage. He suggests that she should be given a time of one month, to think over the matter.

Chirag makes some gestures to his mom. She apologizes to Ishani and blesses her with a bangle. Sharman comes to the house with Devarsh and Pratik.

Before leaving the house, Chirag thanks Ranvir for giving him good suggestions. Ranvir tells him that Ishani will understand him very soon. After Chirag leaves, Ranvir cries and thinks that from now on, he will concentrate on building up the love story of Chirag and Ishani.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: 17th July; Baa Calls Ishani Illegitimate, Harshad Protests

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