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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ranvir Arrested By Police, Chirag Helps Ishani (4th August)

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th August written episode: Ranvir goes to Romil’s house, being drunk and taking a knife in his hand. He gives threat to Romil’s brother, to dissolve the case and give Romil what he rightfully deserves. Ranvir tells them that he cannot tolerate any insult of the Parekh family.

After Ranvir leaves, Romil’s father informs police. He calls Baa and tells her that Harshad has sent his servant to threaten them. Baa denies it. Soon they visit the Parekh house with police.

Baa tells them not to utter any abuses against the Parekh family. When police catches Ranvir, she says that she will not take his responsibility, as he has done everything by his own choice.

Police arrests Ranvir. Baa calls the inspector and tells him to beat up the boy mercilessly. As Harshad is not present in the house, she tells her other sons not to mention anything to Harshad.

Ishani hears the sound of the police car and comes out from her bedroom. Baa scolds her. Ranvir’s parents come to the police station, but fail to save their son, who is being beaten black and blue.

Ranvir’s mother requests Baa to do something, but she refuses. His father comes to Ishani. Baa tells Ishani that Ranvir cannot be forgiven, as he has interfered in the family matters being a servant.

Ishani fails to contact Harshad or Sharman. At last she calls Chirag, who comforts her and promises that he will do something to liberate Ranvir.

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