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Dance India Dance L'il Masters: Mika Singh Gifts His Watch To Mithun Da

Punjabi singer Mika gifted his expensive watch to veteran actor and Bollywood's disco king Mithun Chakraborty during a recent meeting on the set of a reality show.

Mika appeared on the set of Zee TV's DID L'iL Masters Season 3, where Mithun is the 'grandmaster'.

A fan of Mithun, Mika grooved to a medley of the actor's popular songs. He was so overwhelmed to meet him and to shake a leg with him that as a token of love, Mika gave his expensive watch to Mithun da.

Initially, the senior actor was a bit reluctant to accept it but Mika insisted that he has immense respect for him and it was his way of expressing his love for the actor.

"It's been a dream come true to spend time with Dada, dance with him, sing for him … The time I spent on the sets of DID L'iL Masters was absolutely delightful. I know Dada doesn't accept gifts easily but it meant a lot to me to give him something that belonged to me," Mika said in a statement.

Mika also had a great time dancing and singing with the show's contestants.

The special episode will be aired Sunday.


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