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Salman Khan Makes Paper Planes In Bigg Boss 8 Teaser!

Bigg Boss 8's latest teaser showcases the host and the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan playing a pilot and making paper planes. With the theme of the show having everything to do with aviation, Salman looked most handsome dressed in uniform.

The first teaser that was released earlier this week also showcased Salman Khan getting dressed in aviators. And with Bigg Boss's eye too shaped as a propeller engine it was pretty clear that the theme of the show might be aviation related.

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Starting September, the controversial reality show Bigg Boss season 8 will hit the small screens to entertain the viewers everyday. It is also rumoured that the Bigg Boss house will be designed to look like a plane and the show will have the contestants living in it.

Previously, Bigg Boss 7 had adopted the theme of hell and heaven and Salman had played the double role being the angle and devil. This time, with the show adopting the aviation theme Salman played the role of a pilot in the teaser.

The Bigg Boss house too, previosuly had adopted the theme and was designed as hell and heaven. This time the glass house is said to be designed as a huge aircraft. Though the Hell and Heaven theme was soon removed from the house, only time will tell whether the aircraft theme will click with the viewers or fails to impress.

Let's wait and watch what more the Colors reality show has I'm store for this seasons Bigg Boss season 8.

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