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Qubool Hai: 10th June; Tanveer Threatens Badi Begum With Snake To Get Secret Of Nawab's Will! (Pics)

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Qubool Hai 10th June written episode: Tanveer sends Sanam away from Badi Begum. She takes out a basket that was hidden under her pallu. She tells Badi Begum that she is compelled to torture her, as she has hidden the will of Nawab from her. She has no enmity with Badi Begum, only she has to think of the future of her children, says Tanveer.

And then, Tanveer opens the basket to let a snake come out. She places the poisonous creature on the blanket of Badi Begum, to scare her and know the secret of the will. She pressures the old lady to utter the secret.

Suddenly Sanam and Latif enter the room. They start shouting and panicking, alerting the whole family. Aahil tries to catch the snake covering his hand with a piece of cloth.

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Sanam takes a big cloth and carefully drops it on the snake, so that it becomes completely covered. Next she removes the blanket from the bed; thus the snake becomes away from Badi Begum. Sanam's presence of mind impresses Aahil.

Asma's parents come to Aahil's house. They propose to postpone the marriage as Asma's brother is ill. While Azhar's parents oppose, Aahil argues that they should give priority to the bride's brother. Tanveer supports him.

Rehan keeps thanking Sanam and says that she is an angel. Aahil again makes a slant remark. Sanam becomes angry and leaves the place. Aahil comes to her and says that no more arguments should be there. Sanam is surprised at this change in Aahil's attitude.

Catch the brewing romance between Sanam and Aahil in the slideshow...

Tanveer Enters With Snake Basket

Tanveer diverts Sanam's attention and enters Badi Begum's room with the basket.

Tanveer Threatens Badi Begum

Tanveer says that she wants to know the secret of Nawab's will, the place where she has hidden it.

All For Aahil

Tanveer says that it is all for Aahil's future. Badi Begum refuses to reveal the secret.

Tanveer Pretends Innocence

Suddenly, as Sanam comes inside, Tanveer pretends as though she was unaware of the snake's presence!

Aahil Tries To Catch Snake!

Aahil attempts to catch the snake, bare handed!

Brave Sanam Saves The Day

Sanam uses a blanket to cover the snake and throw it away.

Aahil Is Impressed

An impressed Aahil cannot take his eyes off of Sanam!

Aahil Teases Sanam

Aahil teases Sanam that from when did her foolishness give way to this burst of intelligence! He says it was only a miracle that happened by fluke.

Poor Sanam!

Sanam loses hope in Aahil, thinking that he will never ever be nice to her in his lifetime.

Aahil Ends All Differences!

Aahil suddenly appreciates Sanam and says that he no longer wants to fight with her!

Sanam Surprised

Sanam is taken by surprise with the unexpected words of Aahil.

Brewing Of A Love Story?

So has Cupid struck Sanam and Aahil finally?

What will happen when Tanveer finds out? Will she accept her son's love for a servant? And will hell break lose once Tanveer finds out that Sanam is Zoya's daughter? Keep watching this space for daily updates about Qubool Hai!

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