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Qubool Hai: Thanks To Sanam, Tanveer Fails To Murder Dilshad (11th August)

Qubool Hai 11th August written episode: When Sanam comes back from the hospital, she is called by Rehan. He tells her that he has got some information about her parents. An old man who stays beside the nearby temple has told him that Asad used to stay in the same house where Sanam is now staying and, he was a very good person.

Sanam thanks Rehan for the information and insists on meeting the man soon. Her closeness with Rehan sparks envy in Ahil’s mind. When Sanam questions his attitude, he says that he has to pose like a good husband to get the property. He cannot acknowledge his jealousy.

Qubool Hai: Thanks To Sanam, Tanveer Fails To Murder Dilshad

Tanveer sends Razia to the hospital to murder Dilshad. She gives her instruction over phone. Sanam enters the room to keep some clothes. She becomes surprised seeing Tanveer’s tension and tries to guess the matter.

Razia enters a room following Tanveer’s instruction, but finds that a dead body is lying on the bed. She tells Tanveer that there is no Dilshad. Tanveer bursts into anger. She feels Sanam’s presence by a sound and scolds her for entering the room without knocking.

Sanam innocently tells Tanveer not to worry and assures that God will always be fair. Tanveer asks her about her Badi Ammi. Sanam tells her that she has been discharged from the hospital.

A shocked Tanveer tells Sanam to bring her Badi Ammi to the house, so that she can be ‘looked after’. Sanam says that Rahat and Haya have taken her to their place and they will take good care of her. Tanveer is utterly disappointed!

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