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Qubool Hai: Razia Brings Dilshad To Tanveer's House

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Qubool Hai 11th September written episode: Seher insists on spending the night with Rehan while he feels uncomfortable. She says that she is hungry; Rehan becomes scared remembering the food list she ordered in the Dhaba. He tells her that nothing is available in the deserted construction plot and he is fasting.

Seher goes to the kitchen and finds instant noodles. She makes two dishes of noodles and shares with Rehan. Rehan understands that she is trying to live with him and becomes tensed. She thinks that she will rob everything very soon.

Qubool Hai: Razia Brings Dilshad To Tanveer's House

Faiz’s aunt thinks Haya must love someone else and so she is not allowing Faiz to touch her. When Haya is sleeping, she searches her wardrobe and takes out the bag where Haya has kept the special sweater for Rahat.

Incidentally Haya sees her taking the bag and holds her hand. She fights with Haya and says that she will expose her secret affair to Faiz. When Faiz comes she shows him the sweater. Faiz sees Rahat’s name embroidered on it.

Faiz appreciates Haya’s craftsmanship and tells his aunt that Haya and Rahat know each other for a long time and there is nothing wrong if she gifts him something. Aunt thinks it is not easy to expel Haya and decides to be more shrewd and clever.

Tanveer calls her men and tells them that she wants Dilshad’s dead body. Just after she hangs up, Razia takes Dilshad into the house on a wheel chair, dressed in a burqua. She introduces her as her sister and thinks that Dilshad will be her pawn in the game against Tanveer. Dilshad feels pain seeing Tanveer, but is not able to say anything.

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