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Qubool Hai: Will Sanam Ever Win Over Tanveer?

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Qubool Hai 14th October written episode: Dilshad holds Sanam’s hand. Sanam sees blood in her wrist and becomes worried. She cannot see Dilshad as the latter is under veil. She goes to bring some first aid. Haya also sees Dilshad and becomes worried for her, without knowing that it is her grandmother. She goes to bring water for her.

Dilshad tries to move with the wheel chair but staggers. The veil is removed accidentally. Seher comes to her and gives her water. She covers Dilshad with the veil again. Haya comes back with water. Seher scolds her for leaving the old lady alone. Haya becomes confused thinking it is Sanam. Dilshad regrets that all her granddaughters are present, but she cannot talk with them.

Qubool Hai: Will Sanam Ever Win Over Tanveer?

Haya meets Sanam and becomes more confused. Sanam gives her the first aid box and becomes busy to meet Ahil. Rehan sees Sanam and avoids meeting her. Ahil searches for Sanam, but Tanveer intentionally keeps him busy.

Sanam understands that she will never be able to talk with Ahil while Tanveer is present. She thinks of messaging Ahil. She searches for a trustworthy person who can be a messenger. She sees Haya and tells her to bring Ahil to the corridor, keeping it a secret. Rahat asks Tanveer about Haya and Sanam. Tanveer assures him that she will call them soon.

Haya brings Ahil to the corridor as said by Sanam, avoiding all eyes. Sanam suddenly finds that the envelope is empty. She understands that the piece of paper carrying the news of Nawab's death has fallen inside the car. She becomes worried whether Ahil would trust her without seeing the document!

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