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Qubool Hai: Sanam’s Twin Sister Comes To Bhopal (15th August)

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Qubool Hai 15th August written episode: The old woman intentionally comes in front of a moving car on a deserted road. She is hurt and the driver comes out to check the situation. He feels bad for hurting an old lady. He wants to give her money.

The woman shouts at her saying that she does not care for his money and tells him to drop her at a nearby hospital. The man tells her to sit inside the car. She goes to the back seat. When he is about to start the car, she points gun at him and loots all his money.

Qubool Hai: Sanam’s Twin Sister Comes To Bhopal

After the man leaves with his car, the woman takes off her disguise of old woman and a young girl clad in skinfit pant and modern top comes out. The girl exactly looks like Sanam, as she is Sanam’s twin sister Seher. After the massacre, Dilshad thought that Seher was dead, while she was not actually.

Tanveer takes Sanam for an outing to distract her. She tells her to forget the past and stop thinking about her parents. The driver stops the car for taking engine oil. Eventually, Seher’s car stops beside their car. But none of the sisters sees each other.

Tanveer sends Sanam to check the progress of the driver. Saher leaves the car. She comes to Tanveer’s car and tells her that she is new in the place and wants to know its name. Tanveer tells her that it is Bhopal. Seher leaves.

Tanveer is shocked by Seher’s voice as it exactly sounds like Sanam’s voice. When Sanam comes back, she mentions the matter to her. Sanam sees Seher from the backside.

Faiz becomes excited about the arrangements of marriage. He insists on knowing Haya’s choices. Rahat forbids him to go to Haya’s room at an odd hour at night, but he cannot restrict himself.

Faiz comes to Haya and discusses about her choices regarding the marriage. He insists on fixing the marriage within two days. She agrees.

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