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Qubool Hai: Tanveer Compels Sanam To Sign The Papers

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Qubool Hai 15th October written episode: Tanveer comes to Sanam when she is waiting for Ahil in the corridor. Sanam tells her that she has unveiled the mystery of Nawab’s death and has found that Ahil is innocent in the case. Tanveer has made him feel guilty for so many years to hide her own crime and keep Ahil in her control, adds Sanam.

Tanveer is least nervous at this sudden revelation of facts. Rather she threatens Sanam that she will kill Ahil publicly if Sanam tells him the truth or stops him from signing the papers. She orders Sanam to come to the stage within five minutes.

Qubool Hai: Tanveer Compels Sanam To Sign The Papers

Tanveer stops Ahil from meeting Sanam and takes him to the stage. She announces that Ahil is going to sign the property papers and he will rightfully inherit his father’s property. He will be the new Nawab of Bhopal, exclaims Tanveer.

Ahil is troubled at this announcement as he is worried for his relationship with Sanam. Tanveer tells him that Sanam has gladly agreed to sign the papers. Ahil thinks that Sanam is seriously angry with him and intends to finish the relationship.

Sanam comes to the stage soon. She sees a man pointing gun at Ahil from the upper balcony. She understands that Tanveer did not give a hollow threat! Ahil holds her hands and says that the papers will change their relationship within a moment, but he will keep dreaming for a successful married life with Sanam. He confidently tells Sanam that he loves her.

Sanam’s eyes are filled with tears. She again sees the gun and gives the pen to Ahil. Razia takes Seher beside the stage and explains what she is supposed to do now!

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