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Qubool Hai: 16th June; Tanveer's Men Catch Sanam In Graveyard, Drag To Bury Her Alive! (Pics)

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Qubool Hai 16th June written episode: Tanveer scares Azhar's parents with a knife and tells them to remember if they know anything about the will. They recall that when she was in jail and told them to keep a watch on Badi Begum, they followed her obediently.

One night they saw Badi Begum going out with the papers of the will. They followed her. She entered the graveyard near the red house at the four point crossing. And they lost her after that.

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Sanam enters the graveyard at night. Two goons appointed by Tanveer follow her. She wanders in the graveyard and finds the grave of Salauddin. She remembers that Badi Begum mentioned this name. She understands that the old lady was not talking nonsense.

Sanam sees the goons following her and keeps hiding from them. But she notices something hidden under the ground near the grave of Salauddin. She digs it out. It is a wooden box that contains the paper of the will.

The goons catch her and inform Tanveer. She tells them to snatch the paper and bury Sanam alive. Aahil sees that Tanveer is restless and talking on the phone at an odd hour. She avoids his queries. He tries to take care of her and insists on spending the night with her. She becomes impatient to know the updates from the graveyard.

One of the men digs a pit in the ground and the other tightly holds Sanam so that she cannot escape. They drag her to bury alive!

Catch moments from the episode here...

Tanveer Threatens Azhar's Parents

Tanveer uses a knife to threaten Azhar's parents and make them recall where Badi Begum kept the will.

Sanam Enters Graveyard!

Sanam takes babysteps into the graveyard.

Goons Follow Sanam

Tanveer's men follow Sanam into the graveyard.

Sanam Hides!

Sanam senses the approaching danger and hides behind a tree.

Sanam Recalls Badi Begum's Words

Sanam realises that Badi Begum was not talking nonsense.

Sanam Finds Will!

Sanam finds the papers in a wooden box buried next to Salauddin!

Will Sanam be successful in reaching the papers to Badi Begum? Read our space daily to find out!

Goons Catch Sanam!

The goons see Sanam digging the grave.

Tanveer Orchestrates

Tanveer has appointed the goons and is orchestrating the whole attack on Sanam.

What will she do to Sanam? Read on...

Aahil Sees Tanveer Tensed

Aahil is worried for Tanveer as she is tensed over the phone.

Tanveer's Struggle

Tanveer wonders how to get rid of Sanam.

Sanam Knocked Unconscious

The goons knock Sanam down, making her unconscious. What happens next? See next slide...

Sanam To Be Buried Alive?

Will the goons bury Sanam alive? Aahil has been wondering where Sanam has gone in the middle of the night, will he turn Sanam's knight in shining armour and come to rescue her out of the blue? Come back tomorrow to find out!

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