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Qubool Hai: Tanveer Warns Ahil About Sanam

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Qubool Hai 18th September written episode: Haya apologizes to Faiz for the previous misunderstanding and gives him a lunch box. She says that she has prepared food specially for his friends. Faiz rudely answers that he does not need it. He receives a call and comes to know that he has been eliminated from the play as the director is angry with him.

Faiz erupts on Haya and makes her responsible for everything. He says that she has ruined his life. He complains that she never allows him to come close. He holds her tight and asks why she ignores him. She pushes him away. He falls and becomes injured.

Qubool Hai: Tanveer Warns Ahil About Sanam

Haya cries in her room and calls Rahat. Rahat becomes confused as she is not able to speak. She starts making sound with her churi. Raat understands that it is Haya. When he calls her name, she only cries and touches the phone screen with her fingers, to feel Rahat’s presence.

Rehan tells Seher that he is leaving the office for two-three hours. Seher thinks she will not waste this scope. She receives a letter from the orphanage and comes to know that Rehan is funding the studies of an orphan. His humanity strikes Seher. Whenever she goes to open the chest, she starts thinking about the good nature of Rehan. She is not able to steal.

Sanam tells Ahil that she has seen his cricket prizes. He becomes angry knowing that Sanam is curious about his past even after he forbade her. He rebukes her. Tanveer calls Ahil and says that the divorce paper is ready. She notices that Ahil is not happy with the divorce. She tells Ahil that Sanam came to her to know about his childhood. Ahil becomes tensed.

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