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Qubool Hai: The Confusion Of Bangles And Confusion Over Love (1st August)

Qubool Hai 1st August written episode: When Ahil wakes up, Sanam asks him whether he is alright. She feels sorry for him as he was scared in his dream. He feels awkward and misbehaves with her. He tells him that she is only his contract wife and should not care for him.

When Sanam appreciates Asma's bangles, she tells her that this is a gift from Azhar. She adds that Sanam will receive a pair from Ahil, as it is a custom for the husbands to gift bangles to the wives, on the evening of Eid.

Rehan comes to Sanam's room stealthily and keeps a gift pack. He decided to gift it to her on their first Eid, but his dreams came to an end before that. When Sanam opens the box and finds a pair of bangles, she thinks it is kept by Ahil.

Ahil, Rehan and Azhar's parents gather in the balcony to see the moon of Eid. When Sanam joins them, Latif tells her to select one from the pairs of bangles, that Ahil has kept for her.

Sanam becomes surprised. Ahil takes out the bangles from her hand, to put the new ones. She feels pain and so feels Rehan, when he watches the scene.

Tanveer declares a party to celebrate the first Eid of Ahil and Sanam. She calls up a lady and specially invites her to the party. It seems to be Razia Bi !

At Rahat's house, both Rahat and Faiz watch Haya when she is praying. Munisa feels that she should do something to expel Haya. Faiz sees bangles in Rahat's hand. Rahat says that he has kept them for Haya.

Faiz takes them from Rahat's hand as he does not know about his feeling for Haya. He gives the bangles to Haya and says that it is a gift from both the brothers!

Qubool Hai: The Confusion Of Bangles And Confusion Over Love (1st August-Photo)

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