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Qubool Hai: Rahat Leaves Haya, Joins Army Again

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Qubool Hai 25th August written episode: Razia comes to the goldsmith shop where Seher came. She asks the old man whether any young girl came to sell an expensive necklace. She threats the man when he tries to hide the matter. He becomes scared and informs that the girl is staying in some nearby slum.

Tanveer enters the room of Dilshad and leaves a gas generator that gives out poisonous gas. A helpless Dilshad sees Tanveer leaving the room with a wicked smile. She is choked with the gas, to be noticed by no one. Tanveer closes the door tightly.

Qubool Hai: Rahat Leaves Haya, Joins Army Again

Haya becomes shocked after the marriage and goes to search for Rahat. She discovers Rahat leaving the house in his army dress. He tells her that he is leaving the house to join the Army again.

Haya opens her heart to Rahat. He becomes shocked knowing that Haya has forever loved him and she wanted to marry him. But she has got married to Faiz as a result of a misunderstanding.

Rahat helplessly surrenders and says that he cannot do anything now as Haya has formally got married to Faiz; she is his wife now. Moreover he cannot break Faiz’s heart. Haya asks what would happen with her feelings.

Haya challenges Rahat that he cannot escape like this. As he has taken the responsibility of a brother, he should fulfil the duties of a lover now. Haya pressures Rahat saying if he cannot cancel the marriage, he himself should take her to Faiz and make their hands meet.

Rahat accepts the challenge. He takes Haya to the hall and unites her with Faiz. He tells Faiz to take care of her and leaves the hall with pain in his eyes. Haya becomes dumb from her heart!

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