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Qubool Hai: 5th February, Siddiqui Marriage To Tanveer Brings Humeira, Haider Closer!

Qubool Hai 5th February written episode: A palanquin arrives at Siddiqui’s house and the girl from the asylum gets down from it, with the get up of a bride. Dilshad, Asad and Razia identify that it is Tanvir. They are surprised as well as irritated to see her. Asad wants to expel her at once. Tanvir declares that she has full right to stay in the house as it is her husband’s house.

Now making everyone more surprised, Tanvir announces that she has got married to Mr Siddiqui. Siddiqui admits that it is true. Razia faints after knowing this. When Razia wakes up, Tanvir gives her a glass of water. Razia becomes furious. She throws the glass away and attacks Tanvir. Tanvir tells her that she cannot expel her from the house as she is a wife of Mr Siddiqui, rather she can throw Razia out like an old furniture.

Humeira comes to Siddiqui and gives her fiery reaction to this act. She says that when Siddiqui is supposed to marry her off to someone, he himself has married a girl of his daughter’s age. As Siddiqui says that he had some compulsion, Humeira bursts in anger and tells him that his grand status is just a show-off. She adds that Haider is far better as a human being than Siddiqui.

Haider discovers Humeira, vehemently crying in her room. A devastated Humeira seeks emotional shelter from Haider. She asks Haider whether he will betray her ever. Haider promises that he would be faithful to her forever.

Qubool Hai

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