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Qubool Hai: 5th June; Holiday's Capt.Virat Bakshi Aka Akshay Kumar Saves The Day! (Pics)

Qubool Hai 5th June written episode: The pest control staff take out guns and captivate all the family members and servants at Aahil's house. Only Sanam is left as she is waiting for Haya outside. They take Aahil's sisters as hostage. Aahil tries to fight back. The head of the gang explains that they are ‘Sleeper Cells', a new terrorist group who want to establish themselves by this haveli attack. He is about to kill Aahil.

Sanam wants to show her room to Haya. When she comes in front of the door, she sees the scene inside and tries to discover some way to prevent the attack. She meets Capt.Virat Bakshi (Akshay Kumar), an army officer, who is coming to meet Aahil, his friend.

Sanam enters the house in burqa and interrupts the chief terrorist by posing as Aahil's wife. She introduces Virat as her brother. Virat challenges the terrorists and fights them.

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Aahil quickly unties and frees others and insists on leaving the place. Sanam remembers that there is someone locked inside a room. As Sanam heads towards the room, Tanveer becomes desperate to stop her.

Before Tanveer is able to do anything, Sanam unlocks the room and discovers an old woman inside. She takes her out and Aahil joins her, calling the woman Badi Ammi. Tanveer fumes but fails to prevent them.

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Virat is able to defeat the gang. Haya brings police, who arrest the gang. He explains that this is ‘Sleeper Cell', who mixes with people as common men and then brings an attack. He adds that he was on Holiday and was coming to see Aahil, but had to fight the miscreants, as A Soldier Is Never Off Duty!

Badi Ammi is again taken back to her room. Azhar's mom forcefully drags Sanam out of the room, as she wants to give attention to the old lady. After they leave, Tanveer comes and locks the door again!

Don't miss Capt. Virat Bakshi's action in the episode! See slideshow...

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